Tony Conrad Memorial from Capel y Griag

eavesdropping series

Baritone Horn, Feet, Surfaces

I ble'r aeth y gwrachod i gyd...? (Where did all the witches go...?)

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Watching the Living

"... smart performances...sophisticated design...extraordinary score...haunting music...a chilling presence" - The Stage

Director : Jack McNamara
Sound Designer : Adam McCready
Violin : Angharad Davies


Angharad Davies - tri swn (extract) --> solo for prepared violin from London Strings Album, Absinth Records


Continuum - soundtrack for a film by Samantha Rebello


Tim Parkinson - violin piece (2006) (extract 3)
played by Angharad Davies


Angharad Davies - soundtrack for the film "Surface of Residual Matter"
a film by Samantha Rebello


Angharad Davies and Rhodri Davies live at St.Giles


Derek Bailey arrangement by Chris Burn played by Angharad Davies, Rhodri Davies and Nikos Veliotis


Core Anode by Otomo Yoshide


Jurg Frey (extract 1 from piano trio) played by Angharad Davies, Stefan Thut, Tim Parkinson


Endspace (extract) played by Angharad Davies and Tisha Mukarji


Mein Shatz (extract) by Eric Clarke


Tony Conrad with Angharad Davies, MV Carbon and Dominic Lash at the Tate Modern, Summer 2008



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